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News Feed

 December 2020: Clinical guideline: Prescribing Guidelines for Depression.

December 2020: Clinical guideline: Prescribing Guidelines (Algorithm) for Depression.

December 2020: Clinical guideline: Varicose Eczema Pathway.

November 2020Prescribing Points Vol 30 Antimicrobial Special Edition available

October 2020Prescribing Points Vol 30 Issue 8 (October) available.

September 2020: Prescribing Points Vol 30 Open Prescribing Special Edition available.

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How to use the formulary

  • Use the search tool to find the drug or condition of interest or browse by BNF chapter using the 'Chapters' Menu at top of page.
  • Formulary products may be found in one or more chapters.  Click on the entry in the appropriate chapter.
  • First and second choices shown where possible to assist cost-effective prescribing.
  • Non-formulary products are shaded in pink and labelled non-formulary.
  • APCO decisions are dated within the individual product entry.
  • Hyperlinks are available to BNF, BNFc and to the Summaries of Product Characteristics.

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Key to formulary recommendations

The traffic light status offers guidance on where clinical and prescribing responsibilities lie in regard to the initiation and maintenance of prescribing.

Red Traffic Light 

Red: Medicines which should only be prescribed in secondary care by a specialist.  

Amber Traffic Light 

Amber Continuation: Medicines which should be initiated or recommended by a specialist for continuation in primary care. The specialist must notify the GP that the prescribing responsibility has been transferred.   

Amber Traffic Light

Amber Shared Care Protocol: Medicines which are appropriate to be initiated and stabilised by a specialist, once stabilised the medicine may be appropriate for responsibility to be transferred from secondary to primary care with the agreement of a GP and a formal ‘shared care’ agreement. The shared care protocol must be approved by the Area Prescribing Committee Oxfordshire (APCO).

Green Traffic Light

Green: Medicines which are suitable for initiation and ongoing prescribing within primary care.   

Brown Traffic Light

Brown: Medicines which should only be prescribed in restricted circumstances.  

Black Traffic Light

Black: Medicines which are not recommended for use because of lack of evidence of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness or safety.


Non-formulary drugs should not be prescribed. Patients who are currently on a non-formulary drug, but were started within the NHS before this formulary was published, should be able to continue treatment until they and their NHS clinician consider it appropriate to stop. If clinically appropriate patients on non-formulary drugs should be switched to drugs within the formulary.


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